Seniors battle senioritis

Senioritis: a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.

Students going into and enduring their senior year have already so much to worry about. That particular list includes grades, classes to make a lasting impression, colleges, scholarships, peer/adult/family pressure, and socio-economic status. Unfortunately, it’s a process everyone will endure with different varying stages and degrees.  There is a guarantee that regardless of age or level of scholarship, a student will experience some level of senioritis first hand at one or several times in their education. This is because the roots of senioritis are burnout, laziness or both. Consequences  include unfortunate blemishes on attendance record, poor attitudes, and not  graduating at the most extreme end of the spectrum.  It can also be dangerous to your plans for the future. Every year, colleges take back their offers of admission, put students on academic probation, or change financial aid packages because of it.

The steps to avoid those few hick ups are staying motivated, plan ahead, don’t obsess, talk about it, and have fun! When staying motivated, the goal is graduating. Nothing else matters but getting the right grades and do whatever it takes to meet your grad requirements. Planning ahead will help with senior dues, crazy schedules, and penciling in a social life on top of everything else. Don’t obsess over every little detail. Try to relax, and know everything will work itself out in time. Don’t get that confused with being lazy, but just try not to stress and freak out. Talking about your experiences, pressures, and worried with close friends and love ones I’d healthy and a preferred way of relieving stress. And lastly, HAVE FUN! It’s is your SENIOR YEAR! The last year of high school, no matter how stressful, should be a fun and enjoyable experience for you to grow from. Don’t waste it!

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