Meet the Staff

Meet the Sandy Creek Patriot News staff!


I am a senior and the technology specialist for The Patriot. I enjoy computers and usually collaborating with friends to create video games.


I’m from Tallahassee, Florida. I love to dance, act, and sing. Writing is a stress reliever for me, and I’m very photogenic.


The goofy one that’s tired of school already but deals with it because she wants to be successful.


I’m a senior on the newspaper staff. I enjoy politics, fashion, and food! I am in the process of starting my own card business with my three younger sisters.


I’m a junior and I am a veteran on the marching band Colorguard team. I have movie knowledge and I wish to meet Hugh Jackson.


I’m a junior, I’m in chorus and I love the fine arts. I’m a writer for the Sandy Creek Newspaper. I enjoy the arts, history, and writing.


I am the editor-in-chief for The Patriot. I have a passion for acting, writing, talking, and thrift shopping.


I really love playing basketball. I work hard and never give up. Also, I enjoy being funny and making others happy.


Not only do I love gymnastics, I enjoy writing too. Tumbling is my hobby, but poetry is my art.


I am a sophomore and I write about sports in The Patriot. I play basketball and run track, so i know a thing or two about sports. I love writing and sports.


I’m passionate about social justice and pop culture. I love to act, read, write, and procrastinate.


I’m a junior and of the editors for the newspaper. I love history and biology and am an avid leader.


I’m a sophomore and a veteran on the Colorguard team. I enjoy specialty coffees and successful shopping trips.


I’m a sophomore at Sandy Creek and I’m the Social Media manager for The Patriot. I’m an aspiring surgeon and love to help people.


I’m passionate about reading, writing, and acting. I love traveling and experiencing different cultures.

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