The Spotlight is on Kyle Lindsay

Throughout his high school career, Kyle Lindsay has served as an exemplary student athlete that demonstrates greatness in and out of school. Lindsay can always be found laughing it up in class or flashing his grand smile in the hallways.

His favorite part of Sandy Creek is the diversity of the students and the opportunities to learn more about new cultures just by attending school. Lindsay also shows his Patriot pride on our sports fields; he participates in football and baseball, and next year plans to join our superior track team. Outside of school and when he’s not at practice, Lindsay enjoys playing the drums and volunteering in his community.

Speaking of sports, he has won many different athletic awards, but this doesn’t conclude his trophy cabinet. Lindsay has honors ranging from perfect attendance, to honor roll, to even a National Young Leaders State Conference award.

“A quote that describes me is from Michael Jordan: ‘I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying,’ I like this because I am not afraid to try new things. I know if I try hard enough, I will succeed.” Which is accurate to the way Kyle portrays himself.

Lindsay has worked hard academically and athletically to earn his Patriot Spotlight. His teachers and peers all agree that while he is an excellent student, Kyle Lindsay is capable of being a positive face around school that brings joy to many.