Colorguard auditions approaching

Do you want to go to all of the football games during football season? Are you bored June through December? If so, you should try out for colorguard.

First things first: What is colorguard? Colorguard is part of the marching band. We play with flags, rifles, and sabres. We get very stylish costumes that go with whatever the year’s theme is. You get to make new friends with both the band and colorguard. We work very hard and try to improve the routines.

When is the audition? Dates have been confirmed for tryouts March 28- April 1.  There will only be  one audition this year, and it will be at Sandy Creek.  Anyone who wishes to try out from Flat Rock will need to walk over.  Please mark your calendars and start to talk it up to your friends. Please tell your friends to come with you; the more, the merrier.

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