Sandy Creek Slays For FBLA

Sandy Creek Slays for FBLA

Last wednesday, Sandy Creek High School’s local FBLA chapter took its members to Alpharetta High School to compete in the Region Leadership Conference, and made a strong showing. Sandy Creek had winners in categories ranging from Information Technology to Help Desk to Publication Design. The full list of winners and their categories is down below, but the real point of competing for a CTSO, specifically FBLA, is to put yourself out there and try something new that you may be good at. As a business-oriented CTSO, one of FBLA’s main goals is to prepare members for a position in a business related field, and competition is one of the best ways for members to figure out a possible field to go into. SC’s chapter is having a week celebrating FBLA’s 3rd anniversary at the school as FBLA chapters around the nation. The week is the week of February 7th and features guest speaker, free food, and more!


Winners List:

Megan D’Errico: 4th Place in Publication Design

Phaidra Buchanan: 4th Place Business Calculations

Aaron Newson: 3rd Place in Computer Applications and 6th Place in Introduction to IT

Amber Sullivan: 8th Place in Personal Finance

Jocelyn Ordaz: 4th Place in Spreadsheet Applications and 4th Place in Help Desk

Amelia Minot, Kiara Alston, and Meredith Raines: 5th Place in Business Presentation
Make sure to congratulate our winners if you see them!