Patriot Spotlight: Korey Banks


Korey Banks practices his takeoff.

Track sensation Korey Banks has done it again winning another 1st place trophy with his fantastic 4×1 team consisting of Eric Swinney, Jarrod Stanley and Marvin Hubbard. Banks started running because of a little encouragement from some football coaches. “ A couple of coaches told me to run and they told me that it would help me with football. Now I love to run.” stated Banks.


Young Korey Banks is a star wide receiver wearing number 12 for the Sandy Creek Patriots. Banks had a total of 185 receiving yards for the season. Banks is a man with many talents, he plays football and also runs the 100,200.4×1, and 4×4.  Banks states “ running the 4×1 is the most exciting race because its more of a team thing.”


Korey Banks is a rare talent to find. In the 4×1 race the boys run an incredible 42.0 seconds flat. With that time they have won five 1st place trophies. With a team like that anything is possible. “ In the 4×1 my goal is to win state and break the 4×1 record.” stated Banks


Korey Banks is more than what meets the eye so here are a few fun facts about Mr. Korey Banks.To get in the zone Banks listens to Loyal by Lil Wayne and Chris Brown before every meet. With no doubt Banks LOVES to listen to Beyonce’s music. When not on the field or on the track Banks eats and sleeps at home and enjoys his down time. Banks’s favorite T.v show is Everybody Hates Chris.


Banks will leave his legacy and advice for the future freshman to come. “ It will be hard to make our 4×1 team because there are no seniors but if you would like to try all I can say is work hard and stay humble.”
Korey Banks has a bright future ahead of him and what ever he decides to do whether football or track he will be successful.