Fresh faces elected into office

Votes from this year’s student government elections have been counted and the results are in. Winners of the 9th grade election include Lucious “Quad” Turner, Justin Tukes, Lindsey Dodson, and Madison Jones.

Lucious ‘Quad’ Turner, president, wants to give his peers what they want. He describes himself as, “constantly perfecting everything about myself to please and accommodate the people in my environment.” Turner wants to keep have an open mind and befriend as many freshmen as possible.

Justin Tukes, vice-president, wants to be a part of this because he “feels that the 9th grade class this year, as well as other students, don’t have enough outlets for creative expression.” Tukes also believes that “being in this position that I’m in will actually benefit me in the long run.” He dreams of running for this position again during his high school years.

The secretary, Lindsey Dodson, or ‘Madame Secretary,’ feels that her responsibilities “will be maintainable throughout the year.” Her clever slogan, “Vote Lindsey now…….. not later!,” caught everyone’s attention because she passed the candy Now or Later to the freshmen. Madison Jones will serve as treasurer.
So,  when you see these fresh faces, congratulate them for their hard work and accomplishments.