AP Application Season in Full Swing

Sandy Creek’s new AP procedure tackles instances of students changing classes in the middle of the year by making a standard, binding application that can be used by everyone for two to three AP classes. The application is due January 22 and is good for every class.

Compared to the previous system, the changes make AP more accessible to a larger part of the student body as well as ensure that students will remain in the classes that they are enrolled in for the entire year. Other improvements include a easy-to-use, one-size-fits-all application and a more streamlined process.

However, concerns have been growing over the possibility of falling AP Exam pass rates. When acceptance into AP classes become easier to obtain, the wider variety of students leads to a wider variety of scores.

“A lot of people are gonna take AP classes, but a lot of the new people who are taking them aren’t gonna know what‘s involved,” said an anonymous junior. “They’re not gonna do well in the exam or in the class because they don’t know what they’re getting into.”

Another discussion born from the change concerns the cap on the total number of AP classes that are available for a school year. Since so many classes are exclusive to upperclassmen, some students feel that they could miss out on classes that they believe that they can handle.

“As a person who doesn’t typically take a lot of APs, it doesn’t really affect me that much,” said Kilian Vidourek, a junior, “but the fact that I want to take three APs next year and I have to go through another extra barrier to get those three APs classes… that’s kind of a bummer because it’s preventing me from wanting to get smarter.”

Other uncertainties hover around the application process, finding the necessary papers, and the special permission process.

“I wouldn’t make the AP forms due a week in January. I’d make them closer to the actual summer so kids can talk to teachers about it and see what the classes are all about,” said Vidourek.

This year, once a student starts an AP course, there’s no turning back, so be absolutely sure that you can handle the coursework that you sign up for. Sign up to receive transcripts, apply on time, and choose wisely, Sandy Creek.