New mascot cheers for the Patriots

Sophomore Malik Key-Rock will represent the Sandy Creek Patriots by being the Patriot mascot. It has been two years since Sandy Creek has seen a mascot cheering during the football games, but this is soon going to change, thanks to Key-Rock.

Key-Rock is excited to entertain the crowd by dancing and being assuming and cheerful throughout the rest of the football season.“I wanted to be a mascot because it’s different, and if I don’t do any other sport I can represent the school by being the mascot,” explained Key-Rock. Moreover, Key-Rock said, “I will become something no one has thought of before and be making up my mascot dances to cheer on the Patriots.” He’s so excited about kicking off his mascot career at the homecoming game that being nervous is the last thing he could imagine.

Key-Rock debuts as the Patriot on October 10 at the homecoming game against Whitewater High School. “Being the mascot gives me an opportunity to do something new, interact with others and have fun. People say they want to do it for the free games and cheerleaders, but I figured out that it’s more than that,” assured Key-Rock. He plans to make sure that everyone has a wonderful time at the games is thoroughly entertained.