12 Patriots sign football scholarships

On Wednesday, February 4th Sandy Creek athletes and their closest friends and families filled Patriot Hall for the annual signing day. This signing day was the largest amount of signers to date. These athletes have practiced and practiced and may have wanted to quit at times, but this day showed they have conquered all odds. They were finally going to evolve from a Patriot to a college athletes.

As each fellow Patriot walked through the curtains with their new college gear,  roaring applause filled the hall. Senior Trevin Bolden was the only baseball player to sign and was glad to commit to Southern Union. Soon after, 12 football players were signed to various colleges:IMG_2133

Nickolas Davis: Jackson State

Javote Lain: Memphis

Josh Greene: Brown University

Brian Miller: Valdosta State University

Eric Sweeney: Ole Miss

Trent Sellers: Georgia Tech

Trey Walker: University of Cumberlands

Christian Branch: Kennesaw State University

Tristan Mann: Kennesaw State University

EJ Hurley: Kennesaw State University

Austin Vazquez: University of Cumberlands

Sam Bread: Mississippi College

For the first time in Sandy Creek history one football player accepted an offer from an Ivy League school. Josh Greene committed to Brown University and takes this title with a lot of pride and humility.

In the upcoming months, these athletes will continue to train in preparation for their college careers.