2005 Graduate, Brian Brown

Most students often hear the question, “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” Most would respond with answers like “own an expensive car,” “have a family,” or “being successful.’ Alumni, Brian Brown, from the SCHS class of 2005, demonstrates the meaning of success. Before Brown’s career in Finance and International Business and college, he was a regular student who attend Sandy Creek High School. He played varsity football, which allowed him to go even further in the doors of college opportunities. Brown exclaimed, “My motivation in school has always been to get to a point in my career where no one can tell me I don’t have the background or experience for a position I want!” For Brian Brown this was only the beginning of his success.

After high school graduation, Brown packed his bags and flew to Delaware to began his freshman year at The University of Delaware. There he completed his undergraduate and masters degree in the Lerner College of Business. During Brown’s extensive college courses, he participated with a team who regularly video conferenced to collect information for analysis in Balti, Moldova and serve as a finance consultant for a technological business incubator. “It was amazing to have the opportunity to learn so much about the cultural differences in how business is conducted in eastern Europe, as well as what a successful business venture looks like in Moldova in comparison to the U.S.”, said Brown.  With this experience he wanted to go even further into his dream career. So he took a leap of faith to move to New York to put his career in motion. “I loved living in Atlanta as a high school student, but I will never regret my decision to expose myself to the northeast. The pace is faster and it seems there are more jobs due to the proximity of the market,” explained Brown.

Dream careers are not just a figment of your imagination but rather a view of the future that is achievable. Brown demonstrates elements of dedication, hard work and becoming a risk taker to achieve his goals. Unlike most who would take the opportunity to stay in their hometown, Brown extended his opportunity to the northeast for a better chance at international businesses. He is more than a role model for others around him; he is a role model for the student body of Sandy Creek High School. Brian Brown proudly represents Sandy Creek for his determination and work ethic towards his career. By pursuing his dreams this will only allow others like him to follow in his footsteps.