Patriot Spotlight: Jackson Bylsma

Sandy Creek Sophomore Jackson Bylsma is known as a superb student athlete, playing #13 on the field and making all A’s in the classroom. Bylsma says the secret to his success is, “…willing to give up free time to accomplish athletic and academic goals before having fun.” However, when he gets to have his moment’s rest, Bylsma enjoys spending his time with his supportive family.

In 2014, Bylsma was new to the Fayette County School System, transferring from Landmark Christian School. He claims he did not have a hard time fitting in here at Sandy Creek, and has lots of “Patriot Pride.” His favorite thing about Sandy Creek is “…how accepting people were when I knew no one. Not to mention the great athletic program.”

Bylsma plays on the JV football team as starting middle linebacker, and is set to start next year on the varsity football team. Although he has had the chance to play some games on Friday nights, he’s excited for the opportunities that lie ahead in the future.

Although he has always had high standards for his grades, he admits that they are his biggest stress. “It takes up a lot, if not all, of my time to make the grades I make.” Bylsma said, “I wake up, go to school, then practice, and come home to do my homework. The next day, I wake up and repeat the exact same cycle.” However, his GPA of an averaged 3.9 prove that Bylsma’s hard work pays off.

In the future, Jackson Bylsma hopes to graduate early his senior year and jump right into his college of choice, Auburn University.