Must-haves for your prom clutch!


So many clutches to choose from—but what should you put in them? (picture form

The best purse choice for prom is the “evening purse”. Stay in the same color family as your dress (you want your purse to stand out but not TOO much, right?)  For all those girls out there sporting the the over-sized handbags, you’re probably wondering “How am I going to fit everything I need into this teeny little purse for prom?!” Don’t fear, Paris is here with some helpful tips on what to bring!

There are several essentials girls should bring with them to prom and keep in their small handbag or clutch. The items in this article are not mandatory things but rather just suggestions.

  • Breath mints or a refreshing gum (that steak looked good on the plate, but the smell in your mouth afterward? Not so much)
  • Safety pin or travel sewing kit ( just in case your dress has a tiny mishap)
  • Lipstick or lip balm (just to reapply every now and then)
  • Oil blotting pads or compact powder with a mirror (I STRONGLY recommend this! You don’t want to look back at your Prom pictures and see that your skin looks oily or sweaty)
  • Enough money for whatever you have planned (duuuh!)
  • ID card (recommended)
  • Cell phone (and/or camera)
  • Roller ball or a sample perfume
  • A few bobby pins for for your hair (just in case your beautiful hair-do malfunctions)