G.G.G: Trending ideas to give girls for the holidays

By: Jasmine Williams

Fellas, it’s around that time–the holidays are rolling around, and if you’re stuck on what you should get your “bae,” here are some of the hot, trending gifts that were made for your special girl.

1).  If your girlfriend or wife is the type of girl who loves to keep track of important dates and she absolutely loves to take photos, especially selfies, then you might want to give her a nice thoughtful photo album. Get out your crazy photos that you secretly hid in the drawer and put them together. Better yet, you can create a  picture collage and label all of the important dates that are special towards her.

2).   Maybe your girlfriend or wife is not the type to keep track of relationship things. She’s probably the type of girl that absolutely loves sneakers. If your girl is a “sneaker head,” then you should probably get her some of the hottest sneakers out there. Examples of popular sneakers now are: Jordan Eclipse Trainers, Van Ski8-Hi, Converse Chuck Taylor: All Star II, and some hot jordans. If she’s truly a sneaker head, nothing would make her happier than a new pair of sneakers, especially if they’re being brought by her man.

3).  Jewelry!!! You can never go wrong with giving jewelry as holiday gifts. Jewelry is a nice classy way to show the one love of your life that you love them. You can give them a dazzling new watch, sparkling necklace, or even some shiny earrings.

4). If that special woman in your life is the type that loves surprises, but she doesn’t want any presents… A nice dinner out could possibly be a great gift. I’m not talking about being a cheap date and going to Mcdonald’s or Chick-fil-A, I’m talking about taking her to an expensive restaurant. Or if that isn’t your style, perhaps you can make dinner for her and surprise her with some flowers and a card.  

5). If your girl is the type that can’t be bought by material things, the best gift to give would be quality time. Sure, it may sound like a joke, but some girls/ women are not into guys buying them things and bathing them in luxury; all they may really want is to relax and spend some QT with you in return.

6). All things technology would be the perfect gift for a girlfriend or sister. Buying them a new phone will set off an amazing relationship, especially if you two are not on “good terms.” Cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc.. are all good gifts to give that special girl in your life. Who knows maybe you guys could be tech mates!!

7). Another hot gift you can give a girl would be clothes. Clothes are the essence of a female’s life; women live off of style and some women have that fashional drive. Experimenting with your style in clothes is like  expressing your inner feelings. Why not buy her something stylish and expressive? There’s nothing wrong with having a little “spunk” to your wardrobe, just as long as you do it the right way.  

Maybe she isn’t your girlfriend, wife, or fiance, she could be your daughter, sister, sister-in-law, step daughter, etc. These ideas could make really good gifts, of course, with a little unique touch from you. Gifts don’t have to come wrapped up in packages or bags, it’s the little things that could make a big difference although spending money on that special someone could most definitely bring a smile on their faces.