Miss Sandy Creek

Beauty Queen or Queen of the IQ? January 30th will be a night to remember.The annual Miss Sandy Creek Pageant is well underway. The pageant is a fundraiser of the Sandy Creek Chorus for their upcoming productions for the spring semester. Directed by Kristie Goss, this pageant is a surefire way for young girls here at SCHS to have the chance to do something different from the typical pageants just based on mirror beauty.

Eligibility begins with all girls willing to put themselves out there. Next, the contestants are to become responsible for the information given to them. It is mandatory for the contestants to sign a legally binding contract,pertaining to the actions and conduct of the girls, pay a $75 entry fee,sell 10 tickets, sell $200 worth of ads, and provide academics.

The educational part of the whole competition includes a GPA requirement (no less than 2.5), community service hours, and a mandatory essay. The way the pageant keeps its cooperation in the SCHS family is the English Department judges the essay. Because it is a scholarship pageant, depending on the amount of money raised, the winner of the pageant will win the money, and it will be assigned to the college or university of her choice.

The uber girly bits of the pageant begin with the headshots taken by a photographer partnered with the pageant. Then on the night of the pageant, the girls will have a 1 on 1 interview with the pageant judges. It will be the first time the girls are meeting them so first impressions are everything! Scary right? After that, the girls have fun getting ready. The contestants perform an opening number learned during their weeks of practice. They compete in a series of different events.

The first event after the opening number is the business casual wear walk. The girls have certain marks to stop at on the stage as they  show off their style in  business casual wear. In the background their bio is read from the announcer or MC of the pageant. The business causal event, as all other events, will be scored 1-10 and is 15% of their total score at the end of the evening. Next event will be the talent portion of the competition. Talent lasts 1 minute and 30 seconds and  can include singing, dancing, demonstrating, or even playing an instrument. The talent scores range 1-10 and account for 25% of the total score. Then finally, the evening gown (rated 1-10 and is 15%), is a slower version of the business casual wear portion.

Crowing involves so many things.  The score of the girls of course would be priority #1. However, the judges are unpredictable. There are also awards given out for multiple reasons and categories. Best essay, best GPA, most photogenic, miss congeniality, people’s choice, most ads and/or tickets sold, and most community service. So there are a lot of opportunities for the girls to win something. After the top 5 are picked, the judges ask the remaining girls 1 question. It can range from the girl’s bio to an issue in today’s society. Depending on how well she answers, the winner will be crowned the new Miss Sandy Creek 2016 by the former Miss SCHS.

This year, with only 9 contestants, it could possibly be any woman’s game. Looks like we’ll have to wait and see who will be the next face of Sandy Creek High School and represent  the school in the Miss Georgia pageant coming up in June 2016.