SC hosts first SkillsUSA fair

Have skills and want to show it? SkillsUSA will be hosting a Skills Fair for Sandy Creek students on January 26 at 6:00 p.m. in the Patriot Hall. This will be the first year that Sandy Creek is hosting a skills fair. The competition theme this year is “What is your Skill?” and students can compete in the following areas: cinematography, graphic design, photography, public speaking, engineering, job skill demo, web design, and chapter display. SkillsUSA school organization is hosting this event not only to promote the skills that the school has advertised but also to offer other opportunities that we may not offer at this school. This event is right around the corner but, the sign up deadline is next week. On the 400 hall there are signup sheets located right beside the SkillsUSA sign. Don’t be shy! Go sign your name and see what your skill might be. The competition descriptions that Sandy Creek will be hosting go as follows:


  • Create a 3-5 minute video that reflects the theme “What is Your Skill?”
  • You can do a music video, a short film, or a documentary type thing.

Graphic Design:

  • Design a t-shirt for Sandy Creek!


  • Submit two 8×10 photos (on photo paper), one that is completely free choice and one that fits the theme “What is Your Skill?”

Public Speaking:

  • Write a 3-5 minute speech that reflects the theme “What is Your Skill?”


  • Create a perpetual motion machine that can last a whole day!

Job Skill Demo:

  • Demonstrate a job skill in a 3-5 minute video.
  • This can be doing makeup, making a mixtape, or any other skill you have!

Web Design:

  • Design a website for SCHS SkillsUSA
  • The winning website will be the new SCHS SkillsUSA website!

Chapter Display:

  • Create a display that shows off your club, elective, or student organization.

This being said, don’t forget to attend this exciting new event! To ask questions email or you can stop by room 414 for competition details.