HoCoPro: Getting The Date

The homecoming weekend at Sandy Creek High School is scheduled for Friday, October 16th and Saturday, October 17th.  Spirit week and the football game against Troup County are the events that will lead up to the homecoming finale, the annual dance, which will take place Saturday in the Sandy Creek cafeteria.

“How would you ask someone to homecoming?” was the introductory question to an interview with a fellow student, Ethan Dial. He responded “It really depends on the girl. If I really want to impress her, then I’ll try really hard to think of some cute way to ask. If it’s just a friend, I’d simply walk up and ask her.” On the other side of the glass is Ruthanne DeGrange, who says, “I like it when there’s some kind of effort put into the asking. It’s cute.”

Both students agreed they feel money shouldn’t be a large expense when it comes to homecoming. There are plenty of inexpensive, creative ideas to think about when planning your “asking” for that special person. Look to websites like Pintrest, Tumblr and Instagram for inspiration. Also, consider not just your potential date’s interests, but what both of you have in common, whether it’s a sport, movie, or food and incorporate it into your plan.
Above all, have confidence when approaching your person of choice, and do not be upset if it doesn’t go exactly to plan. Chances are, they’ll appreciate the gesture no matter what.

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Source: @stephanie.bo (Instagram) A cute and creative way to incorporate the love of the same sport into the “asking.”


Source: @bre_wojcik (Instagram) Brianna asked her boyfriend, Ethan, to homecoming using a clever pun.