Shoe Fashion @ Sandy Creek

As the weather outside gets significantly cooler, students start to change their wardrobes up into something a bit more warmer to be comfortable. Students start to wear sweaters and jeans everyday, and shoes also start to change as well–opened toed shoes turn into warm, comfortable boots and sneakers.

This year it seems like everyone’s favorite obsession is wearing boots. There are many boots that people wear, but the ones that seem to really stick this year are Uggs. Uggs are a comfortable boot that most people are rocking. Junior Dominique Fuller says the reason why she wears Uggs is because she loves the feel. The boots were primarily a girls shoe but it seems like not even the boys can resist the cozy shoes now.

Another pair of shoes that no one can truly resist are sneakers! There are a variety of sneakers for everyone to wear from Nikes to Adidas to Pumas. Sneakers are convenient for everyone to wear and they are also very comfortable and they never go out of style.

Although it’s getting cold, there are a variety of shoes to choose from and styles for this winter weather!!