SC introduces BIT

A new organization of ballers have created a group at Sandy Creek High School. These Patriot juniors have created a basketball league for those students who don’t want to play basketball for the school but enjoy the sport. The idea for the group was formed when some guys didn’t have time or didn’t qualify to play for the school team.
With BIT (Ballers in Training), there will be try outs; however, they won’t be as tough as tryouts for the school basketball team. Mr. Williams is the faculty sponsor for the program. Tryouts will be held Wednesday, March 2. Damarus Boone, who plans to try out for BIT, gives advices: “Just play your own game, be yourself,” he stated.. If you have any more questions or concerns, you can go to the captains: Derrian Brown, Josh Jones, John Singleton, and Malik Key-Rock.