Dishin’ and Swishin’

The Sandy Creek Patriots had their first basketball game of the season on Tuesday, November 10th. They played Morrow High school in a blowout and finished with a 93-55 win. What a good start for the Patriots!

The new basketball head coach, Mac McKissic, was very proud of the way his boys played on Tuesday. He is very excited and he is really looking forward to this season as the new head coach. Coach McKissic came from Morrow High School but showed no emotion in playing them. His favorite thing about Tuesday’s game was that his team finished hard, didn’t quit, played with pride, represented the school well, and gathered an intense crowd. McKissic likes to see his players to play aggressive and play with effort. Mckissic also has phrase he likes to say, “Two claps with a Ric Flair” which means you clap twice and yell like ric flair. The one goal he has for this season and many more is for everyone to receive a scholarship. McKissic is ready for the rest of the season.

The starting SG, Elias Harden, had a great game on Tuesday. He finished with 38 points, 4 assists, and 7 rebounds. “I was on from the first shot I made and took. I kind of felt like I was going to takeover the game,” he said. Harden expects his teammates to go out and play hard, give it all they got. That way they can all play like one team. The teammate chemistry between him and the team is very good. He said, “It is very important that the team knows their role so they can have a great season.” Harden states that he really enjoys the job that coach McKissic is doing with him and his teammates. He loves his players and wants the best for all the players and believes they could make it to state.

The starting PG, Christian Turner, had outstanding game tuesday night. “I think I had a solid game. I played aggressive and finished plays. My effort on defense wasn’t good enough and I need to step that up,” Turner stated. Turner is looking forward to bonding with his teammates and learning more about my new coach. He really wants to finish his high school years with a ring on his finger. Not only him with a ring but the whole team. Turner likes that his teammates have a competitive spirit and that everyone loves to compete with each other in any drill. Turner is ready to get back in action.