Students enjoy something sweet to eat

Decisions, decisions. What should you choose? We have all seen the newest addition to the SCHS food family, the vending machines. The new additions arrived this summer and clearly had a lot to offer. From the new state approved snacks to the more appealing visual features, the new machines have been getting the attention of the masses.

What do students like about the new machines? “The card swipe, the choices, and more appealing, and they make me happy,” said John Singleton. Other students like the machines for their flexibility with payment. “I like the fact you can pay with cards and up to $20 in bills,” said Jessica Dixon.

Even our new principal has tried the new snack machines: “I have tried the new vending machines and I like, and prefer, the baked potato chips over the fried ones, although I do enjoy a candy bar every now and then,” said Mr.Hunter.

Some students love the new vending machines, but they do feel the options could be a little better. One student said, “I just wish we had the snacks we used too. Like honey buns, texas cinnamon rolls, and other things.”

There have been questions raised about how the delicious treats are able to be sold, even though they appear to be unhealthy. “I’m not exactly sure, but I will look into it because I don’t know how they pass the inspections list,” said Mr.Hunter.

Overall the new machines have been a huge success with a lot of the student body and even some of the staff, and they are excited to explore all the new options this year.