SC takes on Dreamgirls

Khalia Preyer and the rest of the fine arts department put together a two hour musical which started showing March 4-5. Preyer chose to recreate the movie Dreamgirls which proved to be a very big challenge, especially for Preyer’s first show directed at Sandy Creek.

Auditions were held first semester to pick the cast. Practice and rehearsals soon followed as the cast learned the dances and songs for the show. As second semester stated, Preyer’s tech class began painting sets and staying after school for tech rehearsals. Students volunteered for position where they helped run the show. Positions such as lights, stage manager, costume designer, and backstage crew were available. The jazz band participated in the show by playing the music for the singers to sing to.

Preyer decided to put on three different productions of the musical. One show was Friday night, and the other two shows were during the day Saturday.

Dreamgirls is about the struggle of a small group of young, aspiring musicians battling with social expectations to become the most famous music group in the country.

When asked what their favorite part of the musical was, many students replied that they enjoyed the “Steppin’ To The Bad Side” scene. Arianna Trapp, whose brother was in the musical, stated that she “liked the boy’s choreography.” A lot of people also enjoyed Effie White’s powerful solo in which the character comes to the realization that she has to leave the group.

Overall, the musical went very well. The lighting effects and sound ran smoothly, and the costumes looked great on all of the cast members.

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