Lady Patriots finish season at Region tournament

The Patriots and Lady Patriots finished their region basketball schedule over the weekend with disappointing losses to Woodward, but they have a chance for redemption this week. Both teams will enter in the region tournament. The boys finished the region 7-3 and currently hold the 1st place spot in their region. The girls finished the region 3-7 and sit in 5th place in the region. The Lady Patriots will take on Whitewater Tuesday, February 9th at Fayette County High School. The boys will play Wednesday, February 10th against the winner of Whitewater and Fayette. The boys will play at home.

Lady Patriot, Kasey Toles, isn’t excited about the way they played throughout the region but is going to try to help carry her team through the tournament. She said, “I believe that even if we don’t make it through the tournament, we will definitely come back stronger next year.”

Even Jester, the power forward for the Patriots, is excited to be 1st in the region. “This is the first time out of 3 years I’ve played the we’ve been first in the region, and it’s very exciting.”


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