Balfour Bamboozle

Well known school sponsor company, Balfour, made a splash with the graduating class of 2016. Tuesday, January 12, Balfour made a visit to SCHS to congratulate the senior class for making it to their final semester of high school ever. As the seniors are excited and anxious for the moment of the grad walk and crossing the stage with their diplomas draws nearer, Balfour kindly reminded them of the major obligations and proactive steps need to be taken to get there. Our school’s Balfour representative introduced topics of graduation announcements, graduation packs, cap and gown purchases,  thank you notes, name cards, senior pride gear, keepsakes, and senior gear. Some seniors have expressed their eagerness and others have shared their concern with spending additional money. Senior Krys Rojas said, “I feel like it’s a waste because most of the students are resourceful and know there’s no need to spend additional money…kids will be more likely to say what’s the point? You don’t even need to be resourceful to do the same things Balfour is offering for much cheaper.” With all the mixed reviews of whether or not the students will buy from them, it is solely up to each student!

But all in all, Balfour wanted to express its excitement for the seniors who are at the end of their last year of primary education and about to move onto bigger and better things.

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