A Merry Merry Boyfriend Gift Guide

Christmas is a fun, exciting, and giving holiday. The issue that girlfriends always run into however, is getting a gift for their boyfriends! Something cute, something cheap and yet useful! It is way too much thinking, and we can never seem to figure out what he would like. An easy way out is always giving him a cheesy Christmas card with money in it. That might be nice until you unwrap the gift that he got you and realize that you were given a cute Pandora bracelet with 6 charms already on it.


For this very reason, I am here to help you. This is the Official Christmas Boyfriend Guide:

1.) Nike Gear!

Do you have an athletic boyfriend who does sports or, even a boyfriend who just loves bumming all the time? How about a Nike bundle? Buy some Elite socks, a hoodie, Nike brand water bottle, some Nike wear, and wrap it all up in a nice little Nike bag! You have no idea how crazy he will go. Boys love stuff like that. He will love you forever. This is just as equivalent as our boyfriends buying us some PINK gear.


2.) Shoes

There is a myth that states if you buy your significant other a pair of shoes you will more than likely have bad luck for the rest of the New Year. Our response? Who made that rule? Why not buy a pair of shoes or boots for him? An easy investment and also very simple! There are a few girlfriends who don’t know their boyfriend that well; you can’t go wrong with shoes.


3.) Electronics

If you are the girlfriend that is an electronic fanatic, buy something electronic for him. This gift is a little on the pricey side, and I advise your relationship to be strong and long before you go this far. Best Buy, Walmart, Target, or online: All of these places have sales before Christmas day. Some beats? This is acceptable. You can not go wrong with headphones. Pick a color, buy it, wrap it up, give it to him, VOILA! Headphones are not the only hot gift the other trends are apple watches, iPads, tablets, and Bluetooth speakers. I’m sure you get the picture.


4.) Cologne & a Polo sweater

This is a quick gift. Buy some fancy cologne and dress it up with a nice polo sweater. Guess what? Parents love this! Want to know why? Polo sweaters look nice, neat, and formal. When a mother sees her son wearing this, she most likely think, “Aww, my baby is growing up and looking handsome.”

If you are trying to get in good with the parents and also have a happy other half, choose this option!


5.) Watch

These range from $20- $150. They will be your man’s best friend. What boy doesn’t like having a nice watch to wear around his wrist? Not that they will set the time, or even look at it to tell time. This is pure fashion, for show! It’s simple, elegant, and makes a nice gift.


Hopefully these ideas get you out of a Christmas pickle. Do not be that girlfriend who only gives money.


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