PDT becomes Grand Champions!!…

The Sandy Creek Patriettes dance team knows the value of hard work and dedication. PDT just finished their training for their competition season, and the ladies are already starting off on the right foot. The Sandy Creek Patriettes had their very first competition of the season on Sunday November 8,2015. Dancing to a tribute to honor the wonderful Ms. Janet Jackson, PDT left Douglas County High School with a first place trophy and the title as Grand Champions.

We all have heard about the upbringing of the Patriettes. From tryouts to cut outs the Patriettes gave a massive improvement from the start of the team to the start of the season. Co-captain Shawn Corbin says she  feels she has improved a lot since tryouts: “ I feel like I have [improved in dance].”  

November 8,2015 was marked as an exceptional date for PDT. The girls got up and at ‘em bright and early that morning heading to Douglasville,Ga. Arriving at Douglas County High School, most of the girls began to feel a little anxious in hopes of bringing back a first place trophy to Sandy Creek High School.

Before going on stage, the girls rushed through hair and makeup feeling the pressure as time comes closer and closer for them to get on the stage. One of the dancers said, “ All I could do was pray and ask God to look over us as we were about to perform  on that stage.” Stepping foot onto the stage the Patriettes had immediate control. Hearing the crowd roar and scream with passion all that was left to do was leave a good show out on the floor. Gasps and screams filled the room as the girls put on a show in honor of Janet Jackson. Leaving with nothing but smiles the team felt relieved. Corbin said, “It was [an] amazing [experience], especially since it was my first competition. It brought up my confidence in dance and to dance with other girls [ as well].” “The girls did well; they gave it their all and came full out,” said dance coach Nikki Rucker.

Time is ticking and the final countdown is starting. Waiting patiently on stage the girls began to become anxious. Prizes going out one by one, school by school, category by category until the ultimate moment occurs. The high school block is being announced. Second place was called up first, squeezing each other’s hands the girls are relieved that their school was not called. First place was announced in the dead silent auditorium: “ Sandy Creek High School”. All you could hear were screams and claps and the excitement filled the air. Seconds later, the announcement for Grand Champions was made; once again Sandy Creek High School was called and the girls went crazy. You did it girls!!! Congratulations.     

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