Marching Bands Marches Again

Marching Bands Marches Again

Last Saturday, the Sandy Creek High School Marching Band was in Woodstock, Georgia to compete and march their shows to their judges for placement and scoring.

However, there were two problems. One, the sunny weather wasn’t with any of the bands that day; the weather was mostly rainy and cloudy throughout the day and two: their football team had a game last Friday and the field was ‘sort of’ destroyed. The leading director thought it wasn’t a danger to any of the band members at first. Because it was raining on and off again, they donated a helicopter to dry the field, but it wasn’t good enough.

They announced that the rest of the competition would be ‘stand-still’; this meant that the bands will stand still in the front of the field and not march and the colorguard would still twirl, but they also stand still with the band. The scoring for our band is undetermined; they have not notified Mr. Gunter, the marching band director, what it is. But Mr. Gunter would rank the band ‘superior’ because of their hard work during the past two weeks before competition. Brook Ganci, colorguard instructor, says the same thing about colorguard. Despite the rain pouring on their faces and the unscheduled stand-still, the band worked and improved to reach the top.

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