Lights, Camera, Action!!

The Drama Department has  hit the stage Wednesday, October 21 with a fun-filled, drama-enhanced, creatively comical performance of “Tartuffe or the Impostor.” The cast performed the production for the school in preparation for their Regional One Act Competition on Thursday, October 29.

The play was written by playwright Moliere and adapted by Timothy Mooney. Tartuffe is called “The Impostor” or “The Hypocrite.” Tartuffe, played by senior Dylan Chisholm, is a superb mischief maker in this production. As a religious phony, he convinces Oregon, played by Paul Buchanan, and Madame Pernell, played by Paul’s sister, Phaidra, that he is a devoutly pious and humble man; his obvious hypocrisy and sanctimonious act, however, was very clear to the audience. Chisholm’s character  is an alert and capable hypocrite who uses every means necessary to gain personal success on his selfish agenda. Tartuffe’s superiority lies in the fact that he can accurately analyze the weaknesses of his victims and then exploit these flaws for his own advantage.  His eventual downfall is caused by his lust. Instead of making Tartuffe into an inhuman monster, Moliere shows how lust causes the clever hypocrite to remove his mask and reveal his hypocrisy.

Although the show only lasted 45 minutes, there were TONS of comedic moments to last a lifetime. Chisholm was super confident in his performance as he easily recovered his fallen wig when being chased and jumping everywhere on stage.

Student director, senior Jordan Fason, pulled off a successful show based on the audience turn out and willingness of dedicated fans of the drama/theater department. The cast did a wonderful job portraying the struggle of exposing an impostor and nurturing a secret love. Fason said, “Although we have a bit more polishing to do, the whole cast performed very well.” Additionally, the show’s story line  depicted a great representation of modern family struggles and how easy it is for people to turn a blind cheek to the things that don’t add up correctly, and give into the things that are pleasing to them.

Thursday, October 29, the whole cast traveled to Carrollton High School for the One Act Regional Competition. Though the cast didn’t place, the judges scored the cast favorably in all acting areas.

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