Tyrone to elect Mayor Nov. 3

With election season approaching for the town of Tyrone, the school newspaper staff asked the two candidates running for mayor about their views on Sandy Creek and the improvements that can be made to the school.

1. If you could improve something about Sandy Creek, what would it be?
Eric Dial: If I could improve something about Sandy Creek it would probably be the facilities. The students, faculty and staff of Sandy Creek are outstanding but we tend to lag behind other county schools in updates to our facilities so some improvement could be made there.

Derrick Jackson: I would expand the current mentorship program I have in Sandy Creek High School to include summer internships specifically for junior and senior students. The focus of this summer internship will include public administration opportunities, which will enhance the exposure to civic and community services in the Town of Tyrone.

2. How will your election affect Sandy Creek?
Eric Dial: Since Sandy Creek is a county school and not a town school, we don’t technically have control over its funding or functioning, but we do like to think that we have “adopted” the Jenkins Road cluster. I have made every effort to build relationships at the schools and assist them in any way I can. I will continue to do that if re-elected.

Derrick Jackson: The Mayor’s campaign and election will not have any direct bearing on Sandy Creek High School; however, the Mayor’s office could develop a partnership with Sandy Creek to assist in achieving mutual community-centric objectives and projects.

3. What do you think can be done to get kids more interested in our community?

Eric Dial: There are several clubs (Key Club, DECA, Skills, FBLA, HOSA, etc.) at Sandy Creek that could use civic involvement as a way to teach students about how a community functions well and help them understand the importance of volunteerism. Today’s high school students are tomorrow’s leaders so we need to get them engaged and incorporate their ideas in our decision making.

Derrick Jackson: I strongly believe that the students in Sandy Creek High School have a desire to get more involved in their community, but have not been offered the opportunity. As Mayor, I would take the initiative to extend community service opportunities to Sandy Creek’s faculty and students. In short, I thoroughly believe in academic excellence and mentorship, and using myself as an example, with three (3) college degrees and soon to complete my fourth (4th) (PhD in Public Policy), as mayor, I would use the Mayor’s office to assist Sandy Creek’s students in creating public service opportunities and exploring civic duties in the community.

The town’s citizens will vote for a new Mayor on Tuesday, November 3.

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