New Local Theater in Fayette County!

Look out  Legacy Theater! Random Acts Theater, also known as “R.A.T.Co”, has started a new chapter here around the Fayetteville/ Tyrone/ Peachtree city area. The theater was started under the Freedom Foundation. Right now, RATCo has programs in Selma, the Denver area and Atlanta which run on 100% volunteer fuel. Currently, RATCo Atlanta is being run out of  the Spring Hill Elementary School in Fayetteville every Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday night. Thier newest project: the off Broadway production of High School Musical Jr.

The goal of creating such a unique environment is through the story of how and why it was created. Amanda Farnsworth and Jarah McGowan, brought to Selma, Alabama solid theater backgrounds and impressive resumes. But these accomplished young actresses/musicians brought more than talent, they had hearts to build a different kind of theater program. Both had been steeped in theater traditions that nurtured superstars and left the participants insecure and striving to outdo one another. In contrast, they dreamed of a theater company where young people were free to express themselves, supportive of one another and where they could catch a bigger, better vision for their lives. Thus, RATCo was born. So how does this involve our fellow peers and classmates? Our very own Myles King, junior, is apart of this impressive movement. To King, RATCo is a place or refuge that allows kids and teens to just be themselves and not feel judged. He first joined two years ago and has loved it ever since. His favorite thing about it is the working tech for all of the shows they’ve done.

Another student here at Sandy Creek is sophomore Shawn Corbin. Shawn is what they call a RATCo ambassador. The role of ambassador carries the responsibility of being part of the older youth. Ambassadors embodies the RATCo vision to have the program “belong” to the youth (Active in Selma, Denver, Atlanta). In the new up-and-coming show, coming late November to early December is Corbin’s 2nd lead in the 3 shows RATCo Atlanta has produced. She plays the nerdy and spunky Taylor Mackessy from High School Musical.

RATCo goes all out to empower young people – no matter their background, economic status, physical ability, sexual orientation, race or ethnicity – by teaching teamwork, self-expression, and the value of giving back.

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