Students Begin GHPreparations

This week marked the beginning of the selection process for the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program, a four-week summer program at Valdosta State University where students take classes and earn recognition. Teachers have been picking out sophomores and juniors as prospective GHP students in what is now an ongoing process.

“You’re looking for kids who are stronger academically but they’ve gotta do more,” said Mr. Richard Smith, the assistant principal in charge of GHP for the school.

Smith also added that students have to demonstrate a strong passion for the subject they’re nominated in and must pursue opportunities to explore that subject outside of normal class activities. In many subjects, no students are nominated in entire subjects for that reason.

“Because you know what the county is looking for…you automatically know [when] a student is not gonna make it through,” said Smith.

Getting into the Governor’s Honors Program is no small feat. Of the thousands of students that applied last year, only about 670 made it in, according to the program’s official website. Fayette County is only permitted to send 50 applicants to the state interviews, so all students in Fayette County compete with each other before going up against the rest of the state. However small the odds, GHP hopefuls are already beginning to think about the program and their personal goals for when they get in.

“I’d love to spend my summer at Valdosta State,” said Vy Tran, a nominee in Social Studies. “I want to major in Social Studies and minor in Small Business Management…Going forward in life, I want to be an entrepreneur..kind of like Elon Musk: not for the money, but for the good of the world.”

As of now there are at least nine nominees total coming from Mathematics, Visual Arts, Science, and Social Studies. That’s a significant increase from the four total applicants from last year. At the moment, nominees are crossing their fingers and preparing for the next stage of the application process: the essay and subject-specific performance of screening.

“I love it when all the students go for stuff like that, but I know the process is incredibly selective,” said Smith.

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