Wild Ride to Founders Day

Who’s ready for music, for games, for food, and for rides? That’s right Patriots, the Tyrone Founders’ Day fair is back! Starting this Thursday, September 17th in Handley Park, the festivities will begin.
“I’m extremely excited to see all the fun rides this year!” said Phelicia Berry, a resident of Fayetteville.
So what exactly can we be expecting? There will be events for children of all ages to participate in. Among other things, there will be a magic show for the kids on September 29th, a barbecue contest, a junior Battle of the Bands, a parade featuring our own Sandy Creek Marching Patriots, and fireworks.
A lot of great things happen at fairs, from first time riders getting over their jitters, to winning stuffed animals from the carnival games, to the food and laughs with friends.
“I remember how great the deep fried oreos and funnel cakes that were delicious,” said one anonymous student.
In addition to all the festivities of the fair, your own Sandy Creek clubs and organizations will be setting up booths and tables to advertise school events as well as community functions.This year’s fair seems to be shaping up to be a great one, and the students and residents of Tyrone and the surrounding cities are excited to see what this year has to offer. If you want to enjoy all the excitement of the year, come on out for the dates listed in the link below. For more information on the Tyrone Fair of 2015 visit the websites below:
http://www.tyronefoundersday.org/ or http://tyrone.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/2015-Final-FD-Schedule.jpg

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