Biscuits and Microwaves

Tired of standing in the cafeteria lines? Wish you could heat up your own food for lunch? Well, the PTSO has sponsored your solution. Looks like Sandy Creek is starting to heat up the new year. The cafeteria now sports three microwaves for student use. Additionally, Chick-fil-A biscuits are back in the cafeteria on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

The PTSO group is very pleased with the outcome of the microwaves. “The PTSO is very pleased to provide microwaves for the students at Sandy Creek….The microwaves provide students a choice in the type of lunch they can now bring from home to enjoy,” says Cassandra Collins, PTSO President. The microwaves were financed from the PTSO membership dues paid by the parents of SCHS students.

PTSO  members are not the only ones who are satisfied with the microwaves; students all over Sandy Creek High School have been roaring about trying out the newly purchased microwaves. Take it from a student who has been here since his freshman year, Tyler Roberts. He is pleased with the new changes at Sandy Creek: “The cafeteria [has changed since freshman year] so much. They had this Al Carte line and the condiment stand that had everything.” While the al la carte line isn’t expected to return, the microwaves should help ease the pain.

Microwaves are not the only things that’s been wowing the students. The Chick- fil-A biscuits are also a huge hit. Students like Raychel Townes are ecstatic about having the opportunity to eat Chick-fil-A biscuits instead of cafeteria breakfast “because the Chick-fil-A biscuits are better.”


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